The Calloways Bowl Challenge

Welcome to the Calloways Bowl Challenge. The rules are simple, once all the bowl games are set and the point spreads for each game are posted, you will make your prediction for each game. There will be 39 bowl games with point spreads. The 40th bowl game is the national title game. Since we won't know who is playing in that game, you will have to pick who you think will win the national title among the four playoff teams.

The person who gets the most games correct will win all the money and a free entry into our March Madness Bracket Challenge.  It is just $20 to enter. Money must be received and all picks must be submitted before the first bowl game is played on December 20th.

You must pick all games before the first game which is played on December 20th. You can change your picks up until then but you must submit a new form and make sure you pick all the games again.

 If there is a tie we will go to combined total points of the two playoff games. If there is still a tie we will split the prize money and everyone tied for the lead will get a free entry into a March Madness Bracket Contest.

How can you enter? There are three ways

1) You can send your entry fee over paypal. Send it to

2) You can send it over Venmo. Send it to TheComrade13

3) If you are coming to the live show at Calloways on November 29th you can pay in cash

Once you enter the contest, bookmark this page. We will post the pick forms here and also the leaderboard after each day a bowl game is played.

Good luck

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