The Calloways College Football Pick Contest


It looks like there will be a college football season after all (knock on wood) which means there will also be a Calloways College Football Contest. We want to thank Calloways Sports Bar and Grill for once again sponsoring our contest. Please make sure to visit them in West Columbia, SC for delicious food, cold beer, billiards, video games, HD televisions and of course great people.

Standings after Week 7

NameWins OverallWeek 7Week 6Week 5Week 4Week 3Week 2Week 1
Perfect Score548888859
Jeremy McClure344564537
Dennis Wilson346275239
Ben Simmons324474526
Rob Sanders314643446
Big Dick Duelay316455326
Nathan Medlin293563615
Edwin Reeves295452445
Lisa Sistare-Harkins295553524
Marcus Cameron296724433
Chris Rich283373444
Taylor Bruney284422646
Chris Smith285333536
Mike Schindler285453434
Elisabeth Harkins285553523
Mark McCurry285564422
Beth Webb286352543
Ryan Henderson273464523
Tyler Crowder274244715
Dwayne Ard274267512
Robbie White264434425
Matt Hewlett264734422
Rich Long265352434
Eddie Hicks265464502
Keith Whitley252334625
Christian Young252354434
Jackpot Junior253236434
South Carolina253454441
Scotty Adams24NP445434
Sally Donegan242354433
Carolina Jackpot244344135
Jamie Phillips244344423
Lewis Bolin244454421
Wendi Wyatt231544522
Terry Turner233444323
Jay Bennett234334216
Ken Bellinger234444232
David Butts23464252NP
Jason Sims221424425
Michael Tongour225331415
Chris Rentz21NP263523
Bill Muse21NP432633
Carlis Holder214321425
Dalton Dubose214343520
Matt Tomlinson202224235
Magic Shoes Muse20634NP214
Brock Lee19413434NP
Al Thomas173323NP24
Zach Abercrombie175NP41412
Brian Peake14NPNP04631
Freddie Huth14542NPNP3NP
Jess Carter12NPNP4NP422

If you are new to the contest, here are the rules:

1) It costs $20 to play. You can pay over Paypal or Venmo. The paypal address is Venmo is TheComrade13

2) Each week of the season we will list on this site at least five games along with the point spread of each game. Your job is to try and pick each game correctly. You can submit your picks as many times as you want. Your last submission that is made before the deadline is the one that will count.

3) We will update the standings each week on this site and talk about them on the podcast. The standings are based on how many games you have picked correctly. 
4) At the end of the season (conference championship games) we will post the final standings. The person with the most correct picks for the entire season will win all the money. Last year the final pot was just over $900. We hope to get that over $1,000 this year.

5) COVID Rules: 2020 has been a hot mess and we are hopeful the full season is played. If the season is canceled before Week 3 of the season you will get a full refund of your entry fee. If the season is canceled after Week 3 of the season, the standings will become final and the person with the most correct picks will be the champion and receive the money. Let's hope that we have a full season of college football

If you have any questions you can email me at and put "Contest" in the subject line and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, share this with all your friends. The more people in the contest means the more money you could possibly win. Good luck and stay safe!

-The Comrade

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