The Calloways College Football Pick Contest

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Here are the updated standings through Week 7

NameWins OverallWeek 7Week 6Week 5Week 4Week 3 WinsWeek 2 WinsWeek 1 WinsWeek 0 Wins
Perfect Score42555555102
Rob Sanders2823335471
John Michael Stroud2743334361
Geoff Pritchett2624323372
Ben Simmons2633423452
Jeremy McClure2644324342
James Dunn2543513540
Wendi Wyatt2552523350
Comrade 2422424352
Chris Edwards2432422371
Mark McCurry2432523351
Dalton Dubose2433312390
Eddie Hicks2441533260
Carlis Holder2323304470
Brian Peake2323404370
Cale Hall2330521570
Lewis Bolin2331423460
Ken Bellinger2342222281
Dennis Wilson2211425342
Sally Donegan2213432360
Thomas Powell2232223370
Champ Anders2240414450
Kevin Starkey2242322441
Billy Muse2122324260
Jamie Phillips2122432251
Christian Young2131331361
Kyle Spivey2132322261
Chris Driver2132333160
Zach Celentano2142232071
Jason Sims20122211101
Tyler Crowder2021314450
Keith Whitley2022233161
Rich Long2023403161
Chris Smith2022432430
Tyler Thompson2032203352
Shane Bagwell2032322440
Matt Hewlett2041422340
Fritz Von Kolnitz1910333450
Sean Fletcher1912411451
Trey Gunnels1920 NP214460
Tyrone Quarles1922323070
Chris Rentz1922423330
Lisa Sistare1923133151
Tabitha Sims1923321251
Thomas Young1930 np213460
Austin Wooten18NP1222380
Jamie Spires1812301461
Nick Marcengill1822312260
Jay Bennet1720124242
David Butts1731322330
Lowell Aydlette16NP0 np332062
Mike Muse16NP2413330
Dave Sanders1631222141
Gary Mills1631401340
Zach Abercrombie1521212160
Seth Stokes1522024140
Matt Tomlinson1523112240
Richard Stein12NP0 np223050
Tim South11NP0 np213230
Dean Keisler10NP0 np021061

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