2020 Calloways Bracket Challenge

March Madness is finally here which means it is time for the 2020 Calloway's Bracket Challenge. Make sure you visit our good friends over Calloway's Sports Bar and Grill. They are located off of Augusta Road in West Columbia

This year's bracket challenge will be run through ESPN and just like last year there is a $20 entry fee. Our defending champion is Lowell Aydlette.

If you are new, this is like all of other contests. The winner gets all the money, plus a customized t-shirt signifying you as the champion and a free entry in our season long college football contest in the fall.

Joining the contest is easy. Simply pay your entry fee over Venmo to @TheComrade13 or over paypal using the email thegarnetway@gmail.com

Once you pay you can email us at robandcomrade1@gmail.com to request the link and password or contact us on twitter or facebook. If you are doing it over twitter the easiest way is to DM me @thepeskypole

Submit Your Week 1 Picks

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