Monday, September 16, 2019

The Comrade is an upset little fella....

Poor Poor Comrade! He is so upset that his coach Will Muschamp is known as a liar in the Washington Post. He is also upset because his women's soccer team lost to Clemson last night...He has a hard time dealing with that. He is also upset that Dennis Wilson is happy to make him spout truth again and again every week on the podcast. Enjoy a segment of that below.

All of these things hurt his Russian little feelings..He has now turned to trying to turn his ways on to other people. He claims Rob called South Carolina "Sports Bra U" last night on the podcast.
He thought he had help from Cale Hall But the only thing they have is this.....

Does that say Sports bra U?....ummmm no....So once again Comrade Liar is trying to be bring people down because his football program is a shit show. Lettuce all pray for him.

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