Monday, September 16, 2019

The Comrade is an upset little fella....

Poor Poor Comrade! He is so upset that his coach Will Muschamp is known as a liar in the Washington Post. He is also upset because his women's soccer team lost to Clemson last night...He has a hard time dealing with that. He is also upset that Dennis Wilson is happy to make him spout truth again and again every week on the podcast. Enjoy a segment of that below.

All of these things hurt his Russian little feelings..He has now turned to trying to turn his ways on to other people. He claims Rob called South Carolina "Sports Bra U" last night on the podcast.
He thought he had help from Cale Hall But the only thing they have is this.....

Does that say Sports bra U?....ummmm no....So once again Comrade Liar is trying to be bring people down because his football program is a shit show. Lettuce all pray for him.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Game by Game Picks from Rob and The Comrade

Pick by Pick for South Carolina and Clemson

Rob has Clemson going 12-0
Comrade Has Clemson losing to Texas A&M and finishing 11-1

Rob has South Carolina losing to Alabama,Mizzou,Georgia,Tennessee,Florida,Texas A&M and Clemson. He picks the Gamecocks to go 5-7.

Comrade Has The Gamecocks losing to Alabama,Georgia,Texas A&M and Clemson and 
finishing at 8-4 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tavien Feaster loves Coach Dabo Swinney

Tavien Feaster met with the media for the first time today. Despite what The Comrade will tell you..
The former Clemson third string running back was nothing but thankful for his coach
The best part...he talked so well about Coach the little brother post practice scrimmage.

The next time the Comrade talks about "slaps in the face" laugh at him....because he obviously does not know what he is talking about. He has this guy as his coach.

Tavien Feaster is a smart man. He has a Clemson degree. He is just trying to make some money in the NFL. Remember...he knows about the #Culture at the little brother school in Columbia.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Where will Tank Bigsby go?

Tank Bigsby from Georgia is making his choice. Will he be a Gamecock? Check out the live feed.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Classic College Football: 1981 Clemson Tigers at 1987 South Carolina Gamecocks

Here we go, it is the 1981 Clemson Tigers against the 1987 South Carolina Gamecocks. Why would this matchup be intriguing? For one, the 1987 Gamecocks might be the most underrated team in Gamecock history. College Football Reference has an SRS rating which stands for Simple Rating System. The system measures strength of schedule and point differential. The 1987 Gamecocks went 8-4 on the season but have the highest SRS rating of any team in Gamecock history narrowly edging out the 2013, 2012 and 2011 Gamecock teams.

The 1987 Gamecock schedule was brutal and they lost close games to great teams while beating a Top 10 Clemson team to end the season. 

The Gamecocks peaked at #8 in the AP Poll and finished #15

The 1981 Clemson Tigers have the second highest SRS in Clemson history just behind the 2018 and ahead of the 2017, 2016 and 2015 Clemson teams.

So we decided to play a game using a simulator. The game will be played in Williams-Brice Stadium since they are both odd numbered year teams so the Gamecocks will have home field advantage. The simulator does factor that in. Below you will see the write up of every single play. At the end you will see the game summary and boxscore. Enjoy

'87 South Carolina
15:00'87 SCU 35Collin Mackie kicks 57 yards to '81 CU 8. Perry Tuttle to '81 CU 39 for 31 yards. FUMBLE
Recovered by Robert Robinson ( '87 South Carolina) at '81 CU 39.
'87 South Carolina
14:491&10'81 CU 39Todd Ellis medium short incomplete to Ryan Bethea.
14:422&10'81 CU 39Todd Ellis flare to Keith Bing to '81 CU 34 for 5 yards.
14:073&5'81 CU 34Todd Ellis medium short to Kevin White pushed ob at '81 CU 29 for 5 yards.
14:001&10'81 CU 29Kevin White end-around to '81 CU 28 for 1 yard.
13:222&9'81 CU 28Harold Green Draw to '81 CU 25 for 3 yards.
12:423&6'81 CU 25Todd Ellis flare to Harold Green to '81 CU 20 for 5 yards.
12:024&1'81 CU 20Keith Bing Inside to '81 CU 19 for 1 yard.
11:361&10'81 CU 19Kevin Jones Inside to '81 CU 19 for 0 yards.
10:532&10'81 CU 19Sterling Sharpe end-around to '81 CU 18 for 1 yard.
10:133&9'81 CU 18Harold Green Draw to '81 CU 15 for 3 yards.
9:384&6'81 CU 15Collin Mackie 32 yard field goal is Good0 - 3
9:34'87 SCU 35Collin Mackie kicks 59 yards to '81 CU 6. Perry Tuttle pushed ob at '81 CU 33 for 27 yards.
'81 Clemson
9:251&10'81 CU 33Kevin Mack Inside to '81 CU 35 for 2 yards.
8:422&8'81 CU 35Perry Tuttle end-around to '81 CU 35 for 0 yards.
7:593&8'81 CU 35Cliff Austin Draw to '81 CU 38 for 3 yards.
7:214&5'81 CU 38Dale Hatcher punts 61 yards to '87 SCU 1. Ball rolls out of bounds.
'87 South Carolina
7:151&10'87 SCU 1Todd Ellis P/A - medium short to Kevin White pushed ob at '87 SCU 12 for 11 yards.
7:061&10'87 SCU 12Greg Welch Outside to '87 SCU 20 for 8 yards.
6:252&2'87 SCU 20Harold Green Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 32 for 12 yards.
6:161&10'87 SCU 32Harold Green Outside to '87 SCU 31 for -1 yards.
5:402&11'87 SCU 31Keith Bing Draw to '87 SCU 40 for 9 yards.
4:573&2'87 SCU 40Play Flagged Dead
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, False start, 5 yards, enforced at '87 SCU 40, No play.
4:493&7'87 SCU 35Todd Ellis medium short to Harold Green to '87 SCU 49 for 14 yards.
4:261&10'87 SCU 49Harold Green Inside to '81 CU 47 for 4 yards.
3:502&6'81 CU 47Greg Welch Outside to '81 CU 47 for 0 yards. TIMEOUT '87 South Carolina
3:073&6'81 CU 47Todd Ellis medium short to Harold Green to '81 CU 33 for 14 yards.
2:441&10'81 CU 33Kevin Jones Inside to '81 CU 30 for 3 yards.
2:042&7'81 CU 30Harold Green Inside to '81 CU 25 for 5 yards.
1:263&2'81 CU 25Play Flagged Dead
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, False start, 5 yards, enforced at '81 CU 25, No play.
1:173&7'81 CU 30Todd Ellis medium short to Harold Green to '81 CU 24 for 6 yards.
0:364&1'81 CU 24Harold Green Inside to '81 CU 20 for 4 yards.
0:111&10'81 CU 20Todd Ellis P/A - medium short intended for Ryan Bethea. INTERCEPTED by Terry Kinard at '81 CU 16.
Terry Kinard to '81 CU 32 for 16 yards.
'81 Clemson
0:041&10'81 CU 32Chuck McSwain Outside to '81 CU 44 for 12 yards.
15:001&10'81 CU 44Kevin Mack Inside to '81 CU 49 for 5 yards.
14:222&5'81 CU 49Cliff Austin Outside to '81 CU 49 for 0 yards.
13:463&5'81 CU 49Homer Jordan QB Run to '87 SCU 43 for 8 yards.
13:221&10'87 SCU 43Kevin Mack Outside to '87 SCU 40 for 3 yards.
12:472&7'87 SCU 40Homer Jordan QB Run pushed ob at '87 SCU 33 for 7 yards.
12:391&10'87 SCU 33Cliff Austin Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 33 for 0 yards.
12:312&10'87 SCU 33Cliff Austin Inside to '87 SCU 30 for 3 yards.
11:553&7'87 SCU 30Kevin Mack Outside to '87 SCU 32 for -2 yards.
11:144&9'87 SCU 32Play Flagged Dead
PENALTY on '81 Clemson, Delay of game, 5 yards, enforced at '87 SCU 32, No play.
11:094&14'87 SCU 37Dale Hatcher punts 20 yards to '87 SCU 17. Ball rolls out of bounds.
'87 South Carolina
11:021&10'87 SCU 17Todd Ellis QB Scramble to '87 SCU 22 for 5 yards.
10:242&5'87 SCU 22Todd Ellis medium incomplete to Hardin Brown.
10:153&5'87 SCU 22Todd Ellis medium to Sterling Sharpe to '87 SCU 28 for 6 yards.
9:481&10'87 SCU 28Kevin Jones Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 29 for 1 yard.
9:392&9'87 SCU 29Todd Ellis medium short to Kevin White to '87 SCU 36 for 7 yards.
8:563&2'87 SCU 36Harold Green Outside to '87 SCU 37 for 1 yard.
8:164&1'87 SCU 37Daren Parker punts 30 yards to '81 CU 33. Billy Davis to '81 CU 40 for 7 yards.
'81 Clemson
8:071&10'81 CU 40Play Flagged Dead
PENALTY on '81 Clemson, False start, 5 yards, enforced at '81 CU 40, No play.
8:071&15'81 CU 35Chuck McSwain Outside to '81 CU 34 for -1 yards.
7:252&16'81 CU 34Cliff Austin Draw to '81 CU 40 for 6 yards.
6:443&10'81 CU 40Brendon Crite Draw to '81 CU 40 for 0 yards.
6:034&10'81 CU 40Dale Hatcher punts 42 yards to '87 SCU 18. Sterling Sharpe to '87 SCU 23 for 5 yards.
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, Illegal block on the return, 10 yards, enforced at '87 SCU 20.
'87 South Carolina
5:551&10'87 SCU 10Keith Bing Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 15 for 5 yards.
5:482&5'87 SCU 15Harold Green Inside to '87 SCU 17 for 2 yards.
5:083&3'87 SCU 17Todd Ellis QB Run to '87 SCU 14 for -3 yards. FUMBLE
Recovered by Bill Smith ( '81 Clemson) at '87 SCU 14.
'81 Clemson
4:591&10'87 SCU 14Homer Jordan QB Run to '87 SCU 11 for 3 yards.
4:162&7'87 SCU 11Brendon Crite Outside to '87 SCU 11 for 0 yards.
3:363&7'87 SCU 11Cliff Austin Draw to '87 SCU 1 for 10 yards.
3:121&GL'87 SCU 1Kevin Mack Inside to '87 SCU 1 for 0 yards.
2:352&GL'87 SCU 1Brendon Crite Inside to '87 SCU 2 for -1 yards. TIMEOUT '81 Clemson
2:273&GL'87 SCU 2Cliff Austin Inside for 2 yards. TOUCHDOWN6 - 3
2:18'87 SCU 3Bob Pauling extra point is Good7 - 3
2:18'81 CU 35Donald Igwebuike kicks 56 yards to '87 SCU 9. Kevin Jones to '87 SCU 28 for 19 yards.
'87 South Carolina
2:091&10'87 SCU 28Todd Ellis QB Run pushed ob at '87 SCU 47 for 19 yards.
1:591&10'87 SCU 47Harold Green Draw to '81 CU 45 for 8 yards.
1:352&2'81 CU 45Harold Green Inside to '81 CU 41 for 4 yards. TIMEOUT '87 South Carolina
1:261&10'81 CU 41Keith Bing Inside to '81 CU 38 for 3 yards.
1:032&7'81 CU 38Keith Bing Draw to '81 CU 14 for 24 yards. TIMEOUT '87 South Carolina
0:521&10'81 CU 14Greg Welch Outside to '81 CU 11 for 3 yards.
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, Holding, 10 yards, enforced at '81 CU 14, No play.
0:421&20'81 CU 24Todd Ellis medium long incomplete to Ryan Bethea.
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, Holding, 10 yards, enforced at '81 CU 24, No play.
0:321&30'81 CU 34Todd Ellis medium short incomplete to Kevin White.
0:232&30'81 CU 34Todd Ellis medium intended for Sterling Sharpe. INTERCEPTED by Rod McSwain at '81 CU 24.
Rod McSwain to '81 CU 27 for 3 yards.
'81 Clemson
0:161&10'81 CU 27Homer Jordan QB Kneel to '81 CU 25 for -2 yards.
15:00'81 CU 35Donald Igwebuike kicks 59 yards to '87 SCU 6. Sterling Sharpe pushed ob at '87 SCU 33 for 27 yards.
'87 South Carolina
14:521&10'87 SCU 33Todd Ellis medium short to Kevin White to '87 SCU 38 for 5 yards. FUMBLE
Recovered by Harold Green ( '87 South Carolina) at '87 SCU 38.
14:152&5'87 SCU 38Harold Green Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 40 for 2 yards.
14:063&3'87 SCU 40Todd Ellis medium incomplete to Danny Smith.
13:584&3'87 SCU 40Daren Parker punts 39 yards to '81 CU 21. Fair catch by Billy Davis.
'81 Clemson
13:521&10'81 CU 21Chuck McSwain Outside to '81 CU 20 for -1 yards.
13:172&11'81 CU 20Homer Jordan drops the snap.
Recovered by Brad Fisher ( '81 Clemson) at '81 CU 20.
12:423&11'81 CU 20Homer Jordan QB Run to '81 CU 23 for 3 yards.
12:014&8'81 CU 23Dale Hatcher punts 29 yard to '87 SCU 48. Sterling Sharpe pushed ob at '87 SCU 49 for 1 yard.
'87 South Carolina
11:541&10'87 SCU 49Harold Green Outside to '81 CU 43 for 8 yards.
11:142&2'81 CU 43Harold Green Outside pushed ob at '81 CU 43 for 0 yards.
11:043&2'81 CU 43Harold Green Outside pushed ob at '81 CU 44 for -1 yards.
10:564&3'81 CU 44Daren Parker punts 41 yards to '81 CU 3. Ball rolls out of bounds.
'81 Clemson
10:471&10'81 CU 3D Holloman Inside to '81 CU 7 for 4 yards.
10:062&6'81 CU 7Kevin Mack Inside to '81 CU 9 for 2 yards.
9:313&4'81 CU 9Cliff Austin Draw to '81 CU 7 for -2 yards.
8:494&6'81 CU 7Dale Hatcher punts 47 yards to '87 SCU 46. Fair catch by Sterling Sharpe.
'87 South Carolina
8:411&10'87 SCU 46Todd Ellis QB Run to '87 SCU 42 for -4 yards.
7:582&14'87 SCU 42Todd Ellis QB Scramble pushed ob at '81 CU 47 for 11 yards.
7:463&3'81 CU 47Todd Ellis medium short to Danny Smith to '81 CU 44 for 3 yards.
7:201&10'81 CU 44Harold Green Outside to '81 CU 38 for 6 yards.
6:442&4'81 CU 38Todd Ellis sacked by Jeff Davis to '81 CU 45 for -7 yards.
6:043&11'81 CU 45Harold Green Draw to '81 CU 41 for 4 yards.
5:224&7'81 CU 41Daren Parker punts 35 yards to '81 CU 6. Ball rolls out of bounds.
'81 Clemson
5:131&10'81 CU 6Kevin Mack Inside to '81 CU 5 for -1 yards.
4:352&11'81 CU 5Chuck McSwain Inside to '81 CU 7 for 2 yards.
3:583&9'81 CU 7Jeff McCall Draw to '81 CU 13 for 6 yards.
3:174&3'81 CU 13Dale Hatcher punts 46 yards to '87 SCU 41. Sterling Sharpe for 59 yards. TOUCHDOWN7 - 9
'87 South Carolina
3:10'81 CU 3Collin Mackie extra point is Good7 - 10
3:10'87 SCU 35Collin Mackie kicks 60 yards to '81 CU 5. Perry Tuttle pushed ob at '81 CU 18 for 13 yards.
'81 Clemson
3:011&10'81 CU 18Homer Jordan QB Run to '81 CU 18 for 0 yards.
2:212&10'81 CU 18Jeff McCall Outside to '81 CU 17 for -1 yards.
1:463&11'81 CU 17Chuck McSwain Draw to '81 CU 23 for 6 yards.
1:044&5'81 CU 23Dale Hatcher punts 37 yards to '87 SCU 40. Ball rolls out of bounds.
'87 South Carolina
0:571&10'87 SCU 40Play Flagged Dead
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, False start, 5 yards, enforced at '87 SCU 40, No play.
0:571&15'87 SCU 35Harold Green Outside to '87 SCU 38 for 3 yards.
0:222&12'87 SCU 38Todd Ellis long intended for Ryan Bethea. INTERCEPTED by Hollis Hall at '81 CU 31.
Hollis Hall to '81 CU 34 for 3 yards.
'81 Clemson
0:111&10'81 CU 34Chuck McSwain Outside to '81 CU 38 for 4 yards.
15:002&6'81 CU 38Chuck McSwain Inside to '81 CU 42 for 4 yards.
14:223&2'81 CU 42Homer Jordan QB Run pushed ob at '81 CU 46 for 4 yards.
14:121&10'81 CU 46Cliff Austin Inside to '81 CU 49 for 3 yards. (Cliff Austin Shaken Up) INJURY TIMEOUT
14:042&7'81 CU 49Kevin Mack Inside to '87 SCU 47 for 4 yards.
13:293&3'87 SCU 47Homer Jordan QB Run to Midfield for -3 yards.
12:464&650Dale Hatcher punts 37 yards to '87 SCU 13. Sterling Sharpe to '87 SCU 11 for -2 yards.
'87 South Carolina
12:381&10'87 SCU 11Greg Welch Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 11 for 0 yards.
12:282&10'87 SCU 11Todd Ellis medium incomplete to Ryan Bethea.
12:213&10'87 SCU 11Todd Ellis QB Scramble to '87 SCU 14 for 3 yards.
11:454&7'87 SCU 14Daren Parker punts 24 yards to '87 SCU 38. Fair catch by Billy Davis.
'81 Clemson
11:381&10'87 SCU 38Homer Jordan QB Run to '87 SCU 36 for 2 yards.
11:032&8'87 SCU 36Chuck McSwain Outside pushed ob at '87 SCU 34 for 2 yards.
10:553&6'87 SCU 34Homer Jordan sacked by Derrick Frazier to '87 SCU 40 for -6 yards.
PENALTY on '87 South Carolina, Personal foul, 15 yards, enforced at '87 SCU 40.
10:461&10'87 SCU 25Kevin Mack Outside to '87 SCU 8 for 17 yards.
10:191&GL'87 SCU 8Chuck McSwain Outside to '87 SCU 7 for 1 yard.
9:422&GL'87 SCU 7Brendon Crite Draw to '87 SCU 5 for 2 yards.
9:023&GL'87 SCU 5Homer Jordan medium short to Perry Tuttle to '87 SCU 2 for 3 yards.
8:264&GL'87 SCU 2Donald Igwebuike 19 yard field goal is Good10 - 10
8:22'81 CU 35Donald Igwebuike kicks 61 yards to '87 SCU 4. Sterling Sharpe to '87 SCU 23 for 19 yards.
'87 South Carolina
8:141&10'87 SCU 23Todd Ellis medium incomplete to Ryan Bethea.
8:072&10'87 SCU 23Todd Ellis medium long to Danny Smith to '87 SCU 48 for 25 yards.
7:401&10'87 SCU 48Todd Ellis QB Scramble to '81 CU 43 for 9 yards.
6:592&1'81 CU 43Greg Welch Inside to '81 CU 34 for 9 yards.
6:331&10'81 CU 34Ryan Bethea end-around for 34 yards. TOUCHDOWN10 - 16
6:25'81 CU 3Collin Mackie extra point is Good10 - 17
6:25'87 SCU 35Collin Mackie kicks 60 yards to '81 CU 5. Perry Tuttle to '81 CU 35 for 30 yards.
'81 Clemson
6:131&10'81 CU 35Kevin Mack Outside to '81 CU 36 for 1 yard.
5:362&9'81 CU 36Homer Jordan medium incomplete to Perry Tuttle.
5:273&9'81 CU 36Chuck McSwain Draw to '81 CU 44 for 8 yards.
4:514&1'81 CU 44Dale Hatcher punts 39 yards to '87 SCU 17. Fair catch by Sterling Sharpe.
'87 South Carolina
4:421&10'87 SCU 17Harold Green Inside to '87 SCU 21 for 4 yards.
4:002&6'87 SCU 21Todd Ellis QB Run to '87 SCU 19 for -2 yards.
3:173&8'87 SCU 19Harold Green Outside to '87 SCU 23 for 4 yards.
2:314&4'87 SCU 23Daren Parker punts 44 yards to '81 CU 33. Billy Davis pushed ob at '81 CU 44 for 11 yards.
'81 Clemson
2:231&10'81 CU 44Homer Jordan medium short incomplete to Perry Tuttle.
2:152&10'81 CU 44Homer Jordan QB Scramble pushed ob at '87 SCU 47 for 9 yards.
2:043&1'87 SCU 47Cliff Austin Outside to '87 SCU 46 for 1 yard.
PENALTY on '81 Clemson, Illegal block, 15 yards, enforced at '87 SCU 47, No play.
1:543&16'81 CU 38Homer Jordan medium incomplete to Jerry Gaillard.
1:474&16'81 CU 38Homer Jordan medium long incomplete to Jeff Stockstill.
'87 South Carolina
1:381&10'81 CU 38Harold Green Inside to '81 CU 35 for 3 yards. TIMEOUT '81 Clemson
1:292&7'81 CU 35Harold Green Inside to '81 CU 32 for 3 yards. TIMEOUT '81 Clemson
1:183&4'81 CU 32Keith Bing Inside to '81 CU 28 for 4 yards. TIMEOUT '81 Clemson
1:071&10'81 CU 28Todd Ellis QB Kneel to '81 CU 30 for -2 yards.
0:252&12'81 CU 30Todd Ellis QB Kneel to '81 CU 32 for -2 yards.

Stack of Stuff for Monday

Here is the best of the sports world for your reading pleasure...
Should Durkin have another job?
Harbaugh is catching hell!
Is Tom Brady a bad dad?
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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Recruiting rundown with Ben Simmons

Running back MarShawn Lloyd committed to the South Carolina football team on Monday, a bit of a shock on the recruiting trail. Lloyd is listed as a 4 Star prospect at 247 sports. Here are the numbers on the latest gamecock recruit.


This looks to be like a huge get for the gamecocks. I know that certain people are excited to get the 3rd ranked prospect from the state of Maryland...because remember...

Since this recruit is loved so much by the Rob and Comrade listeners, I will now give my unbiased opinion on the young man. IF he qualifies, here’s how I see this playing out. Once he gets a few Fall Camp reps under his belt behind that shitty Oline he’s off to the transfer portal. Doubt he ever plays a down for UofSC. Due to poor decision making...he loses 1 star from his 247 Sports rating...

Rob and Comrade Rating: 

Ben Simmons
Ben is the recruiting expert for The Rob and Comrade Show.
Ben is 7 foot tall and weighs in at about 365 pounds.
Ben has an extensive background in fighting,golf,gambling,fishing in Windy Wyatt's Pond, and shooting 
Cale Hall's Stewpid ass bird with a shotgun. Ben does not want to hear from you 
so please do not reach out to him on Twitter or Facebook 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Game of Thrones Finale Spoiler

If you want to be surprised by the finale not read the rest of this post!

Millions of people are awaiting the final episode of Game of Thrones. After eight seasons of watching several families battling for the throne of the seven kingdoms, it is all going to come to an end on Sunday night. While there are thousands of theories about what might happen, there is one person who has been able to predict the previous episodes with incredible accuracy.

An anonymous user on reddit has been right about several of the details of the previous episodes. He explained Varys’ death as well as Daenerys’ attack on Kings Landing. He describes them in such detail, it’s clear he has access to the episodes before they air. This post was later deleted from the site.

Now he is ready to tell everyone what happens in the show’s final episode.

WARNING: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to know how the last episodes ends before watching it, STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, this is your last chance before learning how the show ends…

Ok, if you’ve made it this far, this is the entire post which is now going viral. Read at your own risk!

Jon, Davos and Tyrion are walking through the aftermath of Kings Landing. Tyrion walks through what’s left of the castle and sees Jaime’s hand so he starts to uncover the rubble and he confirms both Cersei and Jaime are dead. They find Grey Worm and his men they have Lannister Soldiers trapped and they’re about to kill them. Jon trys to tells Grey Worm to stop. Grey Worm tells Jon that its the queens orders. Jon and Tyrion are upset. At some point Dany is walking down stairs and Jon sees her and the dragon is behind her and it looks like she has giant dragon wings. Then they cut to Dany giving a speech pretty much saying how she freed the people from Kings Landing and the new goal is freeing the rest of the world. Dany turns to Tyrion and tells him he committed treason. Tyrion tells her that she killed thousands of innocent people and he takes off the hands pin and throws it. Dany sends him to prison.

Tyrion tries to convince Jon to turn on Dany. His family will never be safe because it threatens Dany’s legitimacy.
He’s also convinced by Tyrion that his family will never be safe because he presents a threat to her rule. Jon goes to see her and she sitting on the Iron throne alone and John tells her that she needs to stop this madness and that Grey Worm killed the Lannisters army from the previous scene. Dany tells Jon that she’s doing it for the people. Jon pretends to understand her. When her guard is down he stabs her with his dagger. Drogon comes and is standing over her body and he burns or melts the Iron throne and carries her away with his feet.

Grey Worm has Tyrion and Jon as his prisoners. The council is (led by Sansa) tells Grey Worm to release Jon back to them but he refuses. Tyrion is in front of the council as a prisoner of Grey Worm he isn’t making decision he is content with being a prisoner he makes suggestions only. (apparently been in prison for weeks) That’s when Tyrion says that the new King or Queen should decide what happens to Jon. Sam suggest for a democratic vote for the new king. Tyrion calls that idea stupid. The council votes and decide Bran should be the King. Bran picks Tyrion as his hand. Tyrion tells Jon that his punishment is going back to the Wall and join the Nights Watch. (Tyrion said Greyworm wanted him dead and Sansa wanted him back home so nobody is getting what they want, it’s a fair compromise.) Grey Worm accepts Jons punishment. He doesn’t bend the knee leaves with his troops and Dothraki on ships to go free Slave cities. They show Tyrion leading the council. Jon says goodbye to Sansa and Arya. Arya tells them she isn’t going back home. She’s going to explore whatever is west of Westeros because that’s where no one has been. The final scene is a Closing montage. You see Arya on a ship, Sansa ruling Winterfell and Jon, Ghost, Tormund, and a bunch of Wildlings leaving the Wall and heading north

Council Members: Samwell Tarly the Grand Maester, Davos Seaworth Master of ships, Bronn Master of Coin and High Garden, Brienne (not sure) Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Yara Greyjoy Lord of Iron Islands, Robin Arryn Lord of Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, Gendry Baratheon Lord of Storm’s End, Yohn Royce Lord of Runestone, Hound doesn’t get mentioned., Podrick is wheeling around Bran and he protects him. Ellaria Sand doesn’t get mentioned. Sam mentions that they seen Drogon in some location but aren’t sure. Bran just says, “ill look for him” They don’t have a Master of Laws and Whisperers. Tyrion is looking for the right people to fill those spots.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Classic College Football: 1995 Nebraska vs 2008 Florida

Welcome to our first installment of our College Football Classic Games Series. The concept is simple, we use our football simulator to match up two college football teams from the past. The games we play our games that our podcast listeners have suggested. For our first game we are going to match up Tommie Frazier vs Tim Tebow. Two of the most decorated college football quarterbacks in recent memory. They both also wore #15. Who is better? That is up for debate but it is a team game and the most important question is who will win between the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers and the 2008 Florida Gators.

The game will be played at the old Orange Bowl and the opening point spread is Nebraska -3

Can Nebraska beat the Gators in their home state?

The Cornhuskers boast an impressive ground attack with Lawrence Phillips and Ahmon Green in the backfield. They also have that guy Tommie Frazier, who is a very dangerous runner. Can the Gators stop the Nebraska running game? The 1995 Gators led by Steve Spurrier couldn't do it.

The Gators seem to have the more versatile offense, Tim Tebow is in command with Aaron Herandez and Percy Harvin as his weapons. Does the Nebraska defense have the speed to keep up with this Florida offense?

Let's find out.

First Quarter

There wasn't much action in the first quarter as both offenses struggled to move the ball. Would this really be a low scoring defensive game? The pace and play of the first quarter definitely suggests that is what we might have on hand. Nebraska 0 Florida 0

Second Quarter

Nebraska began to establish the running game the Florida defense started to look soft. Nebraska had it first and goal from the Gator two yard line but could not get across the goal line. The Gator defense came up big and held the Nebraska to a 20 yard FG to make it Nebraska 3 Florida 0

The Gators offense then started to get it going as Tebow started making plays with his arm and his legs. The drive would stall at the Nebraska 32 yard line. The Gators opted to go for it on fourth down rather than attempt a field goal and they were stopped.

Nebraska's offense took over and went right back to work. They drove down to the Gator 3 yard line where they had first and goal again. Nebraska couldn't get it in on the ground and on 3rd and Goal, Tommie Frazier rolled right and fired a pass in the endzone. Florida CB Janoris Jenkins went up for the interception and looked like he had caught it but Nebraska WR Mark Gilman ripped the ball away from Jenkins and a potential interception turned into the first touchdown of the game. Nebraska 10 Florida 0

As Coach Urban Meyer clutched his chest, Tim Tebow went back to work and drove right down the field and this time the drive did not stall. Tebow found David Nelson for a 23 yard scoring strike with just two minutes left in the half. Nebraska 10 Florida 7

On the ensuing kickoff, Nebraska's Damon Benning returned the kick 31 yards to the Florida 44 yard line. Frazier moved the Nebraska offense to the Gator 21 yard line with three seconds left in the half setting up a 38 yard FG attempt from Kris Brown. He missed it and the teams would go into the half with Nebraska leading 10-7

Third Quarter

Nebraska got back to attacking the Gators on the ground in the second half and it paid off and they also got a bit of good fortune. Nebraska had moved the ball to the Gator 9 yard line when Lawrence Phillips was stripped. The loose ball bounced into the hands of fullback Joel Mackovicka who ran it the rest of the way for a touchdown. Nebraska 17 Florida 7

Tim Tebow would lead the Gator offense to a First and Goal from the Nebraska 10 yard line and after a 6 yard run by Jeff Demps, Tebow was sacked on consecutive plays. The Gators would have to settle for a field goal. Nebraska 17 Florida 10 as the third quarter would come to a close as Nebraska was driving deep in Florida territory.

Fourth Quarter

One minute into the fourth quarter, Tommie Frazier would hit Brendan Holbein for a 17 yard touchdown strike giving Nebraska a 24-10 lead.

Do you think Tim Tebow and the Gators will fold? No way. Tebow put the Gator offense on his back yet again and drove them right down the field. They got inside the Nebraska 5 yard line and once again it seemed like the drive would stall. Not this time, Tim Tebow would scramble on Third and Goal and score from the 3 yard line and the Gators would close the gap. Nebraska 24 Florida 17 with 8 minutes left in the game.

Nebraska would get the ball back and go right back to the ground game and they would batter a tired Gator defense and less than four minutes later running back Clinton Childs would score on the ground from 5 yards out to put Nebraska up 31-17.

The Gators would get the ball back with just four minutes left in the game and down 14 points. Urban Meyer was clutching his chest and thinking about what job to take next but Tim Tebow was thinking about football. He refused to give up. The Gators would go three and out on their next series and curiously would decide to punt with 3:32 left int he game and down by 14. The strategy worked though as Mike Fullman of Nebraska would muff the punt and Janoris Jenkins would recover at the Nebraska 29 yard line.

Three plays later Tebow would hit Riley Cooper on a 21 yard touchdown pass. It was now 31-24 Nebraska with 2:42 left in the game.

The Gators had three timeouts left and decided to kick it deep instead of attempting an onside kick. The strategy didn't pay off as the Nebraska ground attack would run out the clock and Nebraska would win 31-24

Final Analysis

The Nebraska running game as just too much as was their commitment to the run. Nebraska would run the ball 55 times compared to Florida who ran it just 29 times. Nebraska would rush for 266 yards compared to Florida's 89 yards. Frazier and Tebow were both great. The difference was Florida struggling inside the red zone and the touchdown Nebraska scored early in which Janoris Jenkins of the Gators could have made the interception.

Scroll down to see all the stats from the game. If you have suggestions for future games you can reach us on our Rob and Conrade Facebook page or you could tweet Rob at @RobSoundsGood or Comrade @thepeskypole

'08 Florida0731424
'95 Nebraska01071431

Scoring Plays'08 FLO'95 NEB
2nd Quarter
'95 NEB11:01Brown 20 yard field goal ( 17-77, 8:02 )03
'95 NEB5:19Gilman 3 yard pass from Frazier ( Brown kick ) ( 8-68, 3:00 )010
'08 FLO2:07Nelson 23 yard pass from Tebow ( J.Phillips kick ) ( 7-65, 3:12 )710
3rd Quarter
'95 NEB5:13Mackovicka 4 yard fumble return ( Brown kick )717
'08 FLO2:15J.Phillips 33 yard field goal ( 6-49, 2:58 )1017
4th Quarter
'95 NEB13:54Holbein 17 yard pass from Frazier ( Brown kick ) ( 8-69, 3:21 )1024
'08 FLO8:16Tebow 3 yard run ( J.Phillips kick ) ( 11-72, 5:38 )1724
'95 NEB4:28Childs 5 yard run ( Brown kick ) ( 8-68, 3:48 )1731
'08 FLO2:42Cooper 21 yard pass from Tebow ( J.Phillips kick ) ( 3-29, 0:50 )2431

MVP: Tommy Frazier (Nebraska)
Passing: 176 Yds, 2 TD, 176 Rating, Rushing: 60 Yds

'08 Florida'95 Nebraska
Tim Tebow15332.2121Ahman Green13483.790
Jeffrey Demps4256.380Tommy Frazier11605.5120
Kestahn Moore420.520Lawrence Phillips8394.980
Chris Rainey22412.0170Clinton Childs5387.6131
Percy Harvin155.050Jeff Mackovicka5275.490
Emmanuel Moody144.040James Sims3134.370
Joel Mackovicka3279.0121
Damon Benning284.040
Brian Schuster2105.060
Reggie Baul100.000
Tim Tebow29182473172360156Tommy Frazier1912176002410176

Percy Harvin710515.0340Brendan Holbein34314.3221
Aaron Hernandez46516.3360Mark Gilman3258.3121
David Nelson22512.5231Reggie Baul34013.3190
Brandon James188.080Clester Johnson36822.7410
Jeffrey Demps199.090
Tate Casey166.060
Louis Murphy188.080
Riley Cooper12121.0211

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