Friday, June 22, 2018

Numbers do not Lie

I have seen lots of gamecock fans running mouth on twitter and facebook about the College World Series. This is kid of funny...because they are not in it. They won a couple of titles back when Steve Jobs was alive. They still think they absolutely own the world. I broke down here before the gamecock lies on attendence and strength of schedule. Today I break down more gamecock lies. Gamecocks think because they won a couple of national titles in baseball and a national title in women's basketball that the world should stop spinning. I have the numbers here to prove...America does not care. Those are nitch sports. I love college baseball. These numbers show the country could care less. I like women's hoops. The Country could care less. I took the numbers from Nielson...they rate what people watch.
In 2011 the gamecock baseball team played in the CWS finals.
They drew a 1.4 rating and 2.2 milion people watched the game.
The national champion women's  gamecock basketball team in the final drew 3.8 million viewers.

That all sounds like a lot. look at the National Championship game  between Clemson and Alabama where Clemson picked up the national title.
14.2 rating. 25.2 million people watched that game.

Combined that is 6.11 million for baseball and hoops. Football got 4 times as many.

These are unquestionable facts. Show them to gamecock fans when they start talking about national titles. They won a national Title in sports that the country see as a nitch sport.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The odds to make the CFP were released...who would you bet on?
Gamecocks are at 40-1.

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