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Coach Earl Grant interview

Rob got a chance to interview Coach Earl Grant from The College of Charleston yesterday. Check out the interview with the Cougars head coach.


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The truth about Strength of Schedule in College Football.

It seems like every day I notice fans arguing before the season starts about who has the toughest strength of schedule. I have said this on the show before...none of it matters until the entire season has been played. This is the only way to know if your team played a tough schedule...or a schedule of cupcakes. The only thing you can really bash a schedule for in the preseason is if a team schedules small schools from conferences like the Southern/Big South Etc.If you are in a power 5 conference you can't help who your conference opponents are. You also can't help who your rotational opponents are.The trick is to wait until the end of the season and see where it all shakes out.
I write this because I have seen a lot of gamecock fans running mouths about the Clemson schedule for next season. These same fans are under the illusion that they played a tough schedule last season.

Look at the South Carolina schedule from last season. The gamecocks at the beginning of the season look…

Report: State Officials Urging Gamecocks to Cancel Game This Weekend

The Gamecocks are hoping to rebound this weekend against Marshall but state officials would rather them cancel the game to help with Hurricane Florence preparations.

As of right now, local high schools in Columbia are being set up to house and feed lineman and emergency personnel who will be on call to deal with the after effects of Florence. State officials would prefer them be in hotel rooms. That can only happen if the Gamecock game is canceled this weekend.

So far the North Carolina/Central Florida game has been canceled as well as the West Virginia/N.C. State game.

The Truth about Gamecock Attendance.

The Comrade and I were battling over the actual number of people who go to South Carolina basketball games.He claims that 14,500 people go to games at the CLA on average...He is of course...wrong...If you missed it check out the heated conversation here.

He uses this attendance reference to mock Clemson...because Clemson has an arena that holds 9 thousand per game. He thinks Clemson is not used to playing in front of big crowds. The funny thing is 4 of the top 10 arenas in the country are in the ACC. College arena sizes.

I did the research....According to Gamecocks online. Here are the numbers for the Gamecocks on this season.

Western Michigan 12,136
UMASS 10,832
Wyoming 10,205
Coastal Carolina 11,734
LimeStone 11,305
Mizzou 9,846
Vandy 11,391
Kentucky 16,210
Tennessee 18,000 sellout
Texas Tech 14,142
Miss State 11,042
Florida 14,629
Auburn 14,995

When you add all of these together. The number comes out to 166,467. When you divide that by 13 games it averages out to 12,805 for each g…