Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Change in Memphis? The Coaching Carousel keeps on turning...

Rumor has it that Tubby Smith may be on his way out in Memphis. Smith has a highly decorated coaching career. Smith won the National Championship at Kentucky in 1998 ,won the SEC tournament 5 times and had 5 SEC regular season titles. He also had stops at Tulsa,Georgia, Minnesota and Texas Tech. Just 2 seasons ago he was named the Big 12 coach of the year. Smith headed to Memphis looking to bring the Tigers back to the great days of earlier this decade when they were winning 24+ games under Josh Pastner. Pastner <a John Calipari disciple> left the Tigers after the 2016 season and went to Georgia Tech. The carousel gets weirder now. Tubby Smith may be on the outs after he made comments about players transferring...saying that it teaches them to quit. Is it hard to argue that? I think that if a player makes a choice to go to a school they should stick with it. The problem that I have with Tubby though is he is at his 6th different coaching spot. What kind of message does that send to the players? He may leave..he already has done that 6 other times.
Here is the weird thing for me though..Memphis is looking to replace Smith with Penny Hardaway.

Yes this Penny Hardway.

I loved him when he was throwing dimes to Shaq in Orlando. Who can forget Lil Penny?

The sad thing is..Memphis may be doing this because Hardaway coaches high school ball in Memphis. He also coaches an AAU team that has 3 top recruits on it...that are not on the Memphis radar. You think he may not have the ears of these young men? College basketball is corrupt...I am not sure how I can fix it. I just know it needs something.
The coaching carousel...its always...a soap opera.

What are your thoughts? How would you fix the disaster that is college basketball?

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