Monday, February 19, 2018

The Truth about Gamecock Attendance.

The Comrade and I were battling over the actual number of people who go to South Carolina basketball games.He claims that 14,500 people go to games at the CLA on average...He is of course...wrong...If you missed it check out the heated conversation here.

He uses this attendance reference to mock Clemson...because Clemson has an arena that holds 9 thousand per game. He thinks Clemson is not used to playing in front of big crowds. The funny thing is 4 of the top 10 arenas in the country are in the ACC. College arena sizes.

I did the research....According to Gamecocks online. Here are the numbers for the Gamecocks on this season.

Western Michigan 12,136
UMASS 10,832
Wyoming 10,205
Coastal Carolina 11,734
LimeStone 11,305
Mizzou 9,846
Vandy 11,391
Kentucky 16,210
Tennessee 18,000 sellout
Texas Tech 14,142
Miss State 11,042
Florida 14,629
Auburn 14,995

When you add all of these together. The number comes out to 166,467. When you divide that by 13 games it averages out to 12,805 for each game. This shows that The Comrade has no clue when it comes to the amount of people who go to the CLA. I know he will come back at me with "paid attendance" if you have a brain you know that it is the amount of people that are in the building is what really counts. This also shows that the gamecocks have about 5,195 empty seats on average for every home game.This also shows that the gamecocks fill about 71% of the seats in the CLA.

Clemson has a smaller arena...this means the numbers for the tigers are skewed.

In fairness I did the numbers.

Western Carolina 8,188
NC A&T 5,528
Texas Southern 5,526
UNC Asheville 5,932
Samford 7,439
South Carolina 8,031
Louisiana Lafayette 6,847
NC State 9,000 sellout
Louisville 7,594
Notre Dame 9,000 sellout
UNC 9,000 sellout
Pitt 7,573
Duke 9,000 sellout

The numbers come to 98,658. That averages out to 7,589 for each game. That means that about 1,411 seats on average are empty at Littlejohn,This also shows that Clemson fills about 84% of the seats  for each game. The other interesting note is Clemson has 4 sellouts on the season...compared to just 1 for the Gamecocks. I got the Clemson stats from

What does this tell us? If you look at the numbers provided by the is Clear...Clemson has a fuller arena for basketball games. The gamecocks have more people...but can't fill the CLA. Littlejohn is sold out for 4 of the 6 conference games this season. The Gamecocks had 1 sellout...the Kentucky game. I write this because I grow tired of hearing gamecock fans say things about basketball attendance that is just not true. The CLA comes in at 71%...Clemson comes in at 84%.
Clemson fills the arena closer to capacity on average more than South Carolina does.

Side note...Clemson is not a basketball school....They have no real history of winning anything...

They are a lot like the gamecock football program...not real tradition.
The Gamecock basketball team went to the final 4 last year...they have more conference titles than Clemson has...they also have a hall of famer...You would think with these things they would be able to come in at better than 71% right? They should not have 3.6 times as many empty seats as Clemson does,,Right?..I mean The Comrade says they are a "Final 4 program" I missing something?

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