Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chipper Jones Bash List

We talked about Chipper Jones on the podcast when he was inducted in to the Hall of Fame. Chipper was my favorite player growing up. I thought l would take a moment and show you some of the biggest homers in his career. Why not start with the first homer?  May 9th 1995 off of Josias Manzanillo....and where else would you think it would be? Shea Stadium against the Mets.

Jones would hit 48 homers against the Mets in his career and would even name his son Shea. This of course is to mock Shea Stadium.

Jones would have a good year in the postseason in 1995 including this is in his postseason debut.

In 1995 Jones  lead all major league rookies in RBIs (86), games played (145), games started(123), plate appearances (602), at bats (524), and runs scored (87). The sad thing is he was not rookie of the year..that went to the Dodgers Hideo Nomo.

Chipper loved to annoy the Mets. He was the only offense the braves needed on this September game in 1999.

1999 was an MVP season for Jones. becoming the first player ever to hit over .300 (.319) while slugging 40 or more home runs (45; 3rd in the NL) and doubles (41), drawing 100 or more walks (126; 3rd in the league), notching 100 or more RBI (110) and runs scored (116), and stealing 20 or more bases (25). Shocking statement..Jones was not an All Star that year.

Chipper had his moments against just about everybody. Randy Johnson felt the Chipper Jones bite twice in one game.

Chipper was a gifted switch hitter. A great day at Wrigley field in 2003 in the playoffs. Jones goes deep from both sides of the plate.

We showed you the first homer. Here is the last homer of Jones career.

Chipper Jones Last homer

The New York media gave Chipper some grudgingly respect with this on The Daily News.

The Hall is calling Chipper! Jones will be inducted on July 29th.

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