Thursday, January 25, 2018

Welcome back to the XFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

The XFL is back!  If you missed the first announcement from Vince Mcmahon check it out.

 The XFL had its first run in 2001. It lasted just one season. Check out some highlights from the first season.

I think at one time I had a t shirt with this logo on it.

That is the logo for The Orlando Rage. Birmingham also had a team in the first run.
I think about that and wonder..why could we not have an XFL team in Columbia?
Birmingham has a population of about 212 thousand people. Columbia has a population of about 134 thousand people. Columbia is also a market that seems to be on the rise as far as people moving in.
South Carolina and Clemson both pack stadiums for games. I think that if a team comes in people would come to support it. One thing I hope the XFL keeps from its previous run is to let the players personalize there jersey. Who can forget this guy?

I like the idea of the XFL coming back. Football fans can have an alternative. If Columbia could get a team we could call it The Columbia Comrade's.

Well...that might not work.. Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy our shows which drop on Wednesday and Sunday night.

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