Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Relationship advice from The Rob and Comrade Show

I think the number 1 thing you should not do to your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever is give them the Herp. NBA Player Jamil Wilson is supposed to sign a contract with the Lakers today. That is a good thing..but then we find out the bad. In June of 2017 his girlfriend was diagnosed with Herpes and is now suing Wilson.

Does he look like he gives a damn?

No comment from his Agent.

I do not like to talk about the Herp much.. I promise listeners of The Rob and Comrade show unless The Comrade gets the Herp..we will not talk about it anymore...after this post.

In honor of Jamil Wilson I give you famous people who have the Herp.

Jessica Alba..who got it from Boyfriend Derek Jeter. This is just another reason for The Comrade to hate him.

Which means that....Derek Jeter is also on the list.

Side note...How did he..end up with her?

The Jeter list continues... reportedly he gave Scarlett Johannson the gift that keeps on giving.

Jessica Biel also fell to the Jeter Curse.

Alyssa Milano is a victim of Jeter.

This is a trend. Jeter gave the herp to just about everybody. You wanna singer? Boom!
Mariah Carey got the Jeter Sauce.

Jeter has a herpes tree that has reached out and given it to more than just these ladies. Nick Lachey who married Vanessa Minnillo <who dated Jeter> is touched by the Herp. Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel...and well you know..

The "Captain" sure as hell shared with everyone! He should change his name Captain Valtrex!

Wrapping up the first..and last post on the Herp. Is anyone surprised that this guy...

Is also on the Herpes train.

I am not sure why I went off on this tangent on the Herp...
My advice to all of our listeners...wrap it up! Or make him wrap it up...and Don't have Sex with Derek Jeter.

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For more Celebs who got the Herp check out this from Ranker.

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