Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chipper Jones Bash List

We talked about Chipper Jones on the podcast when he was inducted in to the Hall of Fame. Chipper was my favorite player growing up. I thought l would take a moment and show you some of the biggest homers in his career. Why not start with the first homer?  May 9th 1995 off of Josias Manzanillo....and where else would you think it would be? Shea Stadium against the Mets.

Jones would hit 48 homers against the Mets in his career and would even name his son Shea. This of course is to mock Shea Stadium.

Jones would have a good year in the postseason in 1995 including this is in his postseason debut.

In 1995 Jones  lead all major league rookies in RBIs (86), games played (145), games started(123), plate appearances (602), at bats (524), and runs scored (87). The sad thing is he was not rookie of the year..that went to the Dodgers Hideo Nomo.

Chipper loved to annoy the Mets. He was the only offense the braves needed on this September game in 1999.

1999 was an MVP season for Jones. becoming the first player ever to hit over .300 (.319) while slugging 40 or more home runs (45; 3rd in the NL) and doubles (41), drawing 100 or more walks (126; 3rd in the league), notching 100 or more RBI (110) and runs scored (116), and stealing 20 or more bases (25). Shocking statement..Jones was not an All Star that year.

Chipper had his moments against just about everybody. Randy Johnson felt the Chipper Jones bite twice in one game.

Chipper was a gifted switch hitter. A great day at Wrigley field in 2003 in the playoffs. Jones goes deep from both sides of the plate.

We showed you the first homer. Here is the last homer of Jones career.

Chipper Jones Last homer

The New York media gave Chipper some grudgingly respect with this on The Daily News.

The Hall is calling Chipper! Jones will be inducted on July 29th.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Rob and Comrade need some listener help!

The Rob and Comrade show has really taken off! We are so proud of the listeners we have come to know as we have started the process to make a great podcast for Clemson and Carolina fans. We have a couple of things we would like to do in the future,and we were hoping to get some help from the listeners.

We would like to start a gripe line. The show would have its own phone number that people would call and leave a message with gripes/complaints etc. We will put all the messages together and send them out so you can hear the best gripes. The setup fee for this is a one time fee for the year. We were hoping to get some paypal donations to help cover it. If you would like to donate a dollar or 2 to help us set this up please let us know. You can donate at rosanders1979@.gmail.com. 

The second thing we would like to do is broadcast live from the spring game for both South Carolina and Clemson. If you are going to the spring game and would like to have us do a show at your tailgate please let us know via facebook or you can email Rob at Rosanders1979@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for any help we can get! We look forward to continue to make the best podcast in the palmetto state...If you love a tiger...or a gamecock.


Rob S. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

A new addition to the staff!

We would like to welcome a new member to the Rob and Comrade Staff. Ben Simmons has joined the show and will be our expert on recruiting/SOS/Fighting/Pool Playing/fishing/hunting/smack talking/and anything else that involves an unbiased opinion.

You will not find a more unbiased and fair person in our region! Welcome Ben! We are lucky to have you!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Welcome back to the XFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

The XFL is back!  If you missed the first announcement from Vince Mcmahon check it out.

 The XFL had its first run in 2001. It lasted just one season. Check out some highlights from the first season.

I think at one time I had a t shirt with this logo on it.

That is the logo for The Orlando Rage. Birmingham also had a team in the first run.
I think about that and wonder..why could we not have an XFL team in Columbia?
Birmingham has a population of about 212 thousand people. Columbia has a population of about 134 thousand people. Columbia is also a market that seems to be on the rise as far as people moving in.
South Carolina and Clemson both pack stadiums for games. I think that if a team comes in people would come to support it. One thing I hope the XFL keeps from its previous run is to let the players personalize there jersey. Who can forget this guy?

I like the idea of the XFL coming back. Football fans can have an alternative. If Columbia could get a team we could call it The Columbia Comrade's.

Well...that might not work.. Thanks for checking us out! Enjoy our shows which drop on Wednesday and Sunday night.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Super Bowl Prop bets

The Super Bowl is coming up and you can bet on more than just the point spread.
Check out some of the different prop bets you can wager on from a site called mytopsportsbook.com

Odds a player in the game is featured in a commercial: 49/1
Over/Under number of tweets from Donald Trump during the game: 3.5
Odds Justin Timberlake makes his entrance via:
• Zipline: 2/1
• Car: 5/1
• Motorcycle: 7/1
• Jet pack: 15/1
• Dog sled: 20/1
• Parachute: 50/1
• FIELD: 3/1
Odds to make a guest appearances during the halftime show
• T.I.: 2/1
• Jay-Z: 5/1
• Beyonce: 6/1
• Jimmy Fallon: 6/1
• Timbaland: 7/1
• Nelly Furtado: 8/1
• Rihanna: 15/1
• Drake: 20/1
• Britney Spears: 22/1
• Snoop Dogg: 25/1
• Ciara: 25/1
• Madonna: 40/1
• ‘NSYNC: 100/1
• Janet Jackson: 200/1

These picks are from NJ.com
Will Tom Brady wear a bandage on his right hand?
• Yes: -130
• No: +100
How many times will Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth say “dynasty”?
• Over 2.5: -130
• Under 2.5: +100
Will Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth say “City of Brotherly Love”?
• Yes: +150
• No: -180
Will Donald Trump attend the game? 
• Yes: +400
• No: -600
Length of national anthem (sung by Pink)
• Over 2:00: -180
• Under 2:00: +140
Will the team that scores first win the game?
• Yes: -180
• No: +150
Will either team score three unanswered times in the game?
• Yes: -180
• No: +150

I wonder if The Comrade will bet on any of these...Find out tonight on the show at 10:30.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

If you like College baseball....

Then you have to like Seth Beer. The Clemson outfielder has been named a preseason all american.
Beer broke some gamecock hearts last season. Check out this video of the 2 homers he hit against the gamecocks.

This view is a crowd favorite. Watch the Comrade run away after Beer connects in Columbia.

Will The "King"< as The Comrade calls him> pitch to Beer? We will find out in March.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Baseball Season Will Be Upon Us Soon!

Clemson and South Carolina both start baseball season on Friday February 16th. Clemson took last years series over the gamecocks with a come from behind win at Founders park. I think he was trying to get that ball to hit The Comrade. Check out the footage and you can be the judge.

An interview with Marcus Lattimore

Marcus Lattimore is coming home to the gamecocks. Even though I support the paw at Clemson..I have a ton of respect for Lattimore.

I got an opportunity at the start of last season to interview the legendary running back. He was on board with coach Muschamp from the start.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Relationship advice from The Rob and Comrade Show

I think the number 1 thing you should not do to your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever is give them the Herp. NBA Player Jamil Wilson is supposed to sign a contract with the Lakers today. That is a good thing..but then we find out the bad. In June of 2017 his girlfriend was diagnosed with Herpes and is now suing Wilson.

Does he look like he gives a damn?

No comment from his Agent.

I do not like to talk about the Herp much.. I promise listeners of The Rob and Comrade show unless The Comrade gets the Herp..we will not talk about it anymore...after this post.

In honor of Jamil Wilson I give you famous people who have the Herp.

Jessica Alba..who got it from Boyfriend Derek Jeter. This is just another reason for The Comrade to hate him.

Which means that....Derek Jeter is also on the list.

Side note...How did he..end up with her?

The Jeter list continues... reportedly he gave Scarlett Johannson the gift that keeps on giving.

Jessica Biel also fell to the Jeter Curse.

Alyssa Milano is a victim of Jeter.

This is a trend. Jeter gave the herp to just about everybody. You wanna singer? Boom!
Mariah Carey got the Jeter Sauce.

Jeter has a herpes tree that has reached out and given it to more than just these ladies. Nick Lachey who married Vanessa Minnillo <who dated Jeter> is touched by the Herp. Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel...and well you know..

The "Captain" sure as hell shared with everyone! He should change his name Captain Valtrex!

Wrapping up the first..and last post on the Herp. Is anyone surprised that this guy...

Is also on the Herpes train.

I am not sure why I went off on this tangent on the Herp...
My advice to all of our listeners...wrap it up! Or make him wrap it up...and Don't have Sex with Derek Jeter.

Listen in tonight to the Rob and Comrade show at 10:30 catch it on Facebook live..OR find it at your favorite podcast spot <itunes/podbean>.

For more Celebs who got the Herp check out this from Ranker.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Who Do The Rob and Comrade Show Listeners Pick to Win The Outback Bowl and Sugar Bowl?

A poll was put out yesterday to get the feel of the Rob and Comrade listeners to find out who will win the Outback Bowl and Sugar Bowl. The numbers are in!

We will start in Tampa.

Michigan is about an 8 point favorite in Las Vegas. 

59% of the Rob and Comrade listeners have picked...

  The numbers show listeners pick the Wolverines to win 19-9.

88% of Clemson fans are picking Michigan.
79% of Gamecock fans are picking...

The gamecocks to win 29-20.

Who will win? We will find out at noon today in Tampa.

Let's head to New Orleans.

Alabama is about a 3 point favorite in Las Vegas.

The Rob and Comrade listeners have picked....

68% Pick Clemson to win by a 27-21 score. 52% of the Clemson listeners are picking the tigers to win.

Of the 48% that picked Alabama 80% percent of those listeners are gamecock fans.

Who will win? We find out tonight at 8:45.

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