Friday, November 17, 2017

Can the Clemson Killer Save the Bills?

The Buffalo Bills have not made the playoffs since 1999. It is the longest postseason drought in professional sports. The Bills are 5-4 and if the season ended today they would be in the playoffs. So why would the Bills bench Tyrod Taylor in favor of a rookie who was drafted in the 5th round?

The national media is pushing the narrative that the Bills are giving up on the season but those close to the Bills are saying the exact opposite.

Nathan Peterman has yet to start a game in the NFL but those inside the organization feel his style of play fits the Bills offense much better than Tyrod Taylor.

The local media ran a story today pointing to his game against Clemson last year as proof that Peterman might just be the guy to lead the Bills back to the playoffs and end this drought.

Here are the highlights from that article:

Yes, it was college football, and the NFL is a vastly different beast. But if nothing else, that performance showed what Peterman is capable of, and it showed that while he may not have the prototypical size or arm strength teams look for in a franchise quarterback, the kid has some moxie and he knows how to play the game within the confines of his skill set.
No one gave the Panthers a chance in this game, but they went down to Clemson on a mission to shock the college football world, and Peterman’s leadership was part of the mentality.
“For us, we didn’t care what anybody else thought,” he said. “We were always underdogs. No one ever thinks Pitt can win. We loved that, our team did, we thrived off that. We got a little more juice and energy for that role and then we just went in there and did our thing.”
“It was crazy at the end,” Peterman recalled. “We went down and scored, didn’t get the two-point conversion to tie so we’re down two. They get the ball and go downfield and all they have to do is get a first down, and our defense stopped them on both. We get the ball and drive to the game-winning field goal. To win like that in their place was pretty cool.”
That game caught the eye of Bills coach Sean McDermott, and certainly was part of the reason Buffalo drafted him.
“He led his football team to a win against the eventual national champions,” McDermott said. “At Clemson. That’s hard to do. The leadership part of the job, at quarterback … that’s important as we evaluate those intangibles.”
It’s impossible to know if Peterman can ever replicate what he accomplished that day at the NFL level, but the fact that he did it in that big moment should at least give fans some hope.

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