Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Old Kentucky Home

A great show last night. Rob brought in the goodness..He dusted off the pipes and sang My Old Kentucky Home. He was trying to remind the Comrade of his teams issues with Kentucky.

Check out the song below.

Check out the entire show here.

In case your gamecock friends need a reminder. Show them the highlights of the last 4 years. In 2017...

In 2016

In 2015

And lets not forget 2014.

Make sure you share this page with all of your gamecock friends when they talk about how The Kentucky game is a pushover.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Numbers do not Lie

I have seen lots of gamecock fans running mouth on twitter and facebook about the College World Series. This is kid of funny...because they are not in it. They won a couple of titles back when Steve Jobs was alive. They still think they absolutely own the world. I broke down here before the gamecock lies on attendence and strength of schedule. Today I break down more gamecock lies. Gamecocks think because they won a couple of national titles in baseball and a national title in women's basketball that the world should stop spinning. I have the numbers here to prove...America does not care. Those are nitch sports. I love college baseball. These numbers show the country could care less. I like women's hoops. The Country could care less. I took the numbers from Nielson...they rate what people watch.
In 2011 the gamecock baseball team played in the CWS finals.
They drew a 1.4 rating and 2.2 milion people watched the game.
The national champion women's  gamecock basketball team in the final drew 3.8 million viewers.

That all sounds like a lot. look at the National Championship game  between Clemson and Alabama where Clemson picked up the national title.
14.2 rating. 25.2 million people watched that game.

Combined that is 6.11 million for baseball and hoops. Football got 4 times as many.

These are unquestionable facts. Show them to gamecock fans when they start talking about national titles. They won a national Title in sports that the country see as a nitch sport.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The odds to make the CFP were released...who would you bet on?
Gamecocks are at 40-1.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Aaron Fitt from D1baseball joins Rob on The Rundown.

Aaron Fitt from D1baseball joined Rob on his show The Rundown. this afternoon. Aaron does not have Clemson in the Mix to be a national seed despite these comments from Clemson Coach Monte Lee.

Fitt says Clemson has a little work to do in Durham if they want to catch that national seed.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Is Sports betting coming to South Carolina?

SC Rep. Todd Rutherford joined Rob on his afternoon show today to talk sports betting. The Comrade also paid a visit to get his 2 cents in.

If you want more or Rob's show check out The Rundown on Fox Sports Radio 1400 in Columbia weekdays 3-4.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rob goes off on the Holbrook Haters.

The gamecocks got hammered tonight by The College of Charleston. Rob got tired of hearing the Holbrook haters...and it finally set him off.

Check out the full show HERE.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Podcasts to listen to..when you don't listen to us.

I often get asked about podcasts I listen to. I thought I would post this today to share a couple that I enjoy.

I love wrestling! I remember watching as a kid and thinking that Ric Flair was the absolute man!
How can you not love a guy who says stuff like this?

I miss the good ole days! I do like to listen to some wrestling podcasts. I recommend 2.

Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard. Bruce is the man who played Brother Love on WWE television. Behind the scenes he was Vince McMahon's right hand man. Check out this track where Prichard talks about Stone Cold Steve Austin.

If you are in to WCW then you gotta check out Tony Schiavone on What Happened when Monday.

Thanks for checking this out!

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Brownell is not the answer for Clemson hoops.

Rob thinks we need more from Clemson hoops. Check out this bit from the latest show.

Listen to the full show here.
Latest Rob and Comrade Show

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Coach Earl Grant interview

Rob got a chance to interview Coach Earl Grant from The College of Charleston yesterday. Check out the interview with the Cougars head coach.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The truth about Strength of Schedule in College Football.

It seems like every day I notice fans arguing before the season starts about who has the toughest strength of schedule. I have said this on the show before...none of it matters until the entire season has been played. This is the only way to know if your team played a tough schedule...or a schedule of cupcakes. The only thing you can really bash a schedule for in the preseason is if a team schedules small schools from conferences like the Southern/Big South Etc.If you are in a power 5 conference you can't help who your conference opponents are. You also can't help who your rotational opponents are.The trick is to wait until the end of the season and see where it all shakes out.

I write this because I have seen a lot of gamecock fans running mouths about the Clemson schedule for next season. These same fans are under the illusion that they played a tough schedule last season.

Look at the South Carolina schedule from last season. The gamecocks at the beginning of the season looked to have a tough schedule. They had games on the road at Tennessee as well as Clemson and at Texas A&M and Georgia. The home schedule included a game with Florida. The AP Poll had Clemson ranked 5th,Georgia 15th,Florida 17th and Tennessee 25th in week 1. That looks like a tough schedule! my podcast hero Bruce Prichard would say...the bell rang.Here is how the opponents on the gamecock conference schedule finished up the season.

First the bad...

Florida ended the season 4-7 overall 3-5 in conference play..they fired their coach.
Tennessee finished 4-8 overall and did not win a conference game....they fired their coach.
Texas A&M finished 7-6 overall 4-4 in conference play...they fired their coach.
Arkansas finished 4-8 overall 1-7 in conference play....they fired their coach.

The gamecocks picked up 3 wins from these teams who by the time they got to the gamecocks pretty much knew the season was shot.

Now for the good.

Georgia finished 13-2 overall 7-1 in conference play.

Outside of Conference play the gamecocks got a good win over NC State the wolfpack finished 9-4 overall and 6-2 in ACC play. They lost the rivalry game to Clemson for the 4th straight season 34-10.
The Tigers finished the year 12-2 overall 7-1 in conference play.

This is 2 of the gamecocks losses on the season.

The gamecocks also picked up wins over LA Tech who finished 7-6 overall and 4-4 in Conference USA.

The gamecocks other wins on the season came over Vandy <5-7 1-7> Mizzou <7-6 4-4> Wofford <FCS>

They also lost to Kentucky at home...the wildcats are going for the thumb after winning 4 straight against the gamecocks.

The final win is over Michigan in the Outback bowl. I think that may have been the most impressive win on the schedule.

It wraps up like this...2 good wins? Michigan and NC State.
2 losses that were blowouts to teams that the gamecocks were completely overmatched.
1 loss to Texas A&M who had more depth and pulled away late.
1 loss to Kentucky who is once again going for the thumb this season.
1 win over Wofford an FCS School.
1 win over Vandy...who won just 1 conference game.
1 win over a mid tier Conference USA team.
1 win over Mizzou.
3 wins over dumpster fires that changed coaches.

Those 9 wins look paper thin to me.

Once you break it down like makes you wonder how gamecock fans can run mouths about schedules.

The trick is to look as the season ends. has the SOS at the end of the year.

Here is the rundown since 2014

Clemson is 29th
South Carolina is 30th

Clemson is 4th
South Carolina is 41st

Clemson is 3rd
South Carolina is 59th

Clemson is 4th
South Carolina is 48th

The proof is in the numbers. Gamecock fans think about that...when the season ends Clemson finishes with more wins...and they play a tougher schedule. If you are a Clemson fan share this with your gamecock buddies. We have to educate people if we want them to be better.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Calloway's Sports Bar and Grill Bracket Challenge

March Madness is here and once again we are running a bracket challenge sponsored by Calloway's Sports Bar and Grill. Be sure to check out their website and their incredible menu.

The contest costs $20 to enter and the winner takes home all the money. The bracket challenge is run through When registering and paying your money it is important to provide the email address where you want the contest link and password sent. If you have any problems email me at

You can also join us live at Calloway's Sports Bar and Grill in West Columbia on Wednesday night March 14th. We will be doing our bracket picks live and you can enter the contest there while enjoying food, drinks and everything Calloway's has to offer.

The tournament starts on Thursday, March 15th at Noon. We will stop taking entry fees and registration at 10 AM on on March 15th. Good luck

A Change in Memphis? The Coaching Carousel keeps on turning...

Rumor has it that Tubby Smith may be on his way out in Memphis. Smith has a highly decorated coaching career. Smith won the National Championship at Kentucky in 1998 ,won the SEC tournament 5 times and had 5 SEC regular season titles. He also had stops at Tulsa,Georgia, Minnesota and Texas Tech. Just 2 seasons ago he was named the Big 12 coach of the year. Smith headed to Memphis looking to bring the Tigers back to the great days of earlier this decade when they were winning 24+ games under Josh Pastner. Pastner <a John Calipari disciple> left the Tigers after the 2016 season and went to Georgia Tech. The carousel gets weirder now. Tubby Smith may be on the outs after he made comments about players transferring...saying that it teaches them to quit. Is it hard to argue that? I think that if a player makes a choice to go to a school they should stick with it. The problem that I have with Tubby though is he is at his 6th different coaching spot. What kind of message does that send to the players? He may leave..he already has done that 6 other times.
Here is the weird thing for me though..Memphis is looking to replace Smith with Penny Hardaway.

Yes this Penny Hardway.

I loved him when he was throwing dimes to Shaq in Orlando. Who can forget Lil Penny?

The sad thing is..Memphis may be doing this because Hardaway coaches high school ball in Memphis. He also coaches an AAU team that has 3 top recruits on it...that are not on the Memphis radar. You think he may not have the ears of these young men? College basketball is corrupt...I am not sure how I can fix it. I just know it needs something.
The coaching carousel...its always...a soap opera.

What are your thoughts? How would you fix the disaster that is college basketball?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Truth about Gamecock Attendance.

The Comrade and I were battling over the actual number of people who go to South Carolina basketball games.He claims that 14,500 people go to games at the CLA on average...He is of course...wrong...If you missed it check out the heated conversation here.

He uses this attendance reference to mock Clemson...because Clemson has an arena that holds 9 thousand per game. He thinks Clemson is not used to playing in front of big crowds. The funny thing is 4 of the top 10 arenas in the country are in the ACC. College arena sizes.

I did the research....According to Gamecocks online. Here are the numbers for the Gamecocks on this season.

Western Michigan 12,136
UMASS 10,832
Wyoming 10,205
Coastal Carolina 11,734
LimeStone 11,305
Mizzou 9,846
Vandy 11,391
Kentucky 16,210
Tennessee 18,000 sellout
Texas Tech 14,142
Miss State 11,042
Florida 14,629
Auburn 14,995

When you add all of these together. The number comes out to 166,467. When you divide that by 13 games it averages out to 12,805 for each game. This shows that The Comrade has no clue when it comes to the amount of people who go to the CLA. I know he will come back at me with "paid attendance" if you have a brain you know that it is the amount of people that are in the building is what really counts. This also shows that the gamecocks have about 5,195 empty seats on average for every home game.This also shows that the gamecocks fill about 71% of the seats in the CLA.

Clemson has a smaller arena...this means the numbers for the tigers are skewed.

In fairness I did the numbers.

Western Carolina 8,188
NC A&T 5,528
Texas Southern 5,526
UNC Asheville 5,932
Samford 7,439
South Carolina 8,031
Louisiana Lafayette 6,847
NC State 9,000 sellout
Louisville 7,594
Notre Dame 9,000 sellout
UNC 9,000 sellout
Pitt 7,573
Duke 9,000 sellout

The numbers come to 98,658. That averages out to 7,589 for each game. That means that about 1,411 seats on average are empty at Littlejohn,This also shows that Clemson fills about 84% of the seats  for each game. The other interesting note is Clemson has 4 sellouts on the season...compared to just 1 for the Gamecocks. I got the Clemson stats from

What does this tell us? If you look at the numbers provided by the is Clear...Clemson has a fuller arena for basketball games. The gamecocks have more people...but can't fill the CLA. Littlejohn is sold out for 4 of the 6 conference games this season. The Gamecocks had 1 sellout...the Kentucky game. I write this because I grow tired of hearing gamecock fans say things about basketball attendance that is just not true. The CLA comes in at 71%...Clemson comes in at 84%.
Clemson fills the arena closer to capacity on average more than South Carolina does.

Side note...Clemson is not a basketball school....They have no real history of winning anything...

They are a lot like the gamecock football program...not real tradition.
The Gamecock basketball team went to the final 4 last year...they have more conference titles than Clemson has...they also have a hall of famer...You would think with these things they would be able to come in at better than 71% right? They should not have 3.6 times as many empty seats as Clemson does,,Right?..I mean The Comrade says they are a "Final 4 program" I missing something?

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