Sunday, December 2, 2018

Bowl Betting Strategies

The Bowl Season is almost here. A parade of meaningless football games will soon be played out in half empty stadiums. However, when it comes to the world of sports betting, there is no such thing as a meaningless game and bowl games have become a very good way for gamblers who know what they are doing to make a lot of money over the holidays.

 Sports gambling is becoming more mainstream by the day in our country. This has much to do with the Supreme Court striking down the 1992 federal law that prohibited sports gambling in all states except for Nevada. Individual states now get to decide for themselves on whether to legalize sports gambling. Are you wondering when and if you will ever be able to place a bet in USA legally in your state? If so, BettingTop 10 has a great guide where they go talk about each state and when they project them to have legalized sports gambling.

If you are not living in New Jersey or Nevada, your only option for legalized wagering is to join a bowl contest like we are conducting once again this year. You can enter now for the Calloways Bowl Challenge. If you are planning on winning the contest, here are some great tips for picking winners against the spread in bowl games:


In general, a team that is making its first bowl appearance ever or its first bowl appearance in a long while is going to be a very motivated side. In addition to wanting to represent their school well, these players will appreciate the fact that they are in a bowl game and work hard in the weeks leading up to it.

The same is also true of teams that have a lot of seniors. Top seniors at the big schools may be on their way to the NFL, but the majority of seniors will be playing their last football game ever in these bowl games. A team loaded with seniors at key positions is likely to play very motivated, from the seniors themselves to the teammates who want to send them off with a win.

Losing in a bowl game the previous year can be another strong motivator for bowl teams. After letting their fans and supporters down the year before, a team that gets another shot at a bowl game the following year should have a chip on its shoulder to earn the win this time around.


One of the most obvious letdown spots in college football is when an elite team had its sights set on a huge bowl game, only to fall short and end up in a smaller one.

The Alabama Crimson Tide saw their national championship dreams come crashing down in 2014 in a shocking loss in the Iron Bowl after going 11-0 SU and 7-4 ATS in their previous 11 games. Uninterested in the Sugar Bowl that they landed in, the Crimson Tide lost 45-31 to Oklahoma as a 17-point favorite on the point spread.

Another letdown spot is one in which a team’s head coach has taken another coaching job and has left the team before the bowl game. Many college teams are built like families, and having the coach abandon the team for another one can make it hard for some teams to get up for the bowl game to come.

In some bowl games, you can find both a team that is highly motivated and a team that could be poised for a letdown. In these types of matchups, bettors can usually throw the statistics out the window.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Some schools have tradition....

Clemson released a video showcasing touching Howard's Rockk and running down the hill. This is one of the greatest traditions in College Football.

Some schools have traditions...Some schools have a chicken coming out to fire extinguishers and Techno music.

Happy to be headed to Clemson this weekend! The Comrade will experience this tradition and wish he could change his allegiance.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Gamecock fans are giving up?

A gamecock fan called in to the show Rob was on today. This guy says he is done with the gamecocks program.

Do you know fans that feel this way? Respond on Facebook or twitter @Robsoundsgood

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Derrick Lewis is my hero

If you don't know much about Derick Lewis....He is the guy who had this interview...

Lewis has moved on. He is set to fight this weekend for the championship against Cormier. Lewis was asked a simple question of his pre-fight diet. His answer was very Lewis like.

I am not sure if he has a chance on Saturday..But you have to like him for his humor.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Gamecocks and Tigers Looking for Respect and a Way to Make the Rivalry Bigger

If you are a college basketball fan, today is a big day. The AP released their preseason poll and Ken Pomeroy posted his first set of rankings for the season.

Clemson is ranked 22nd in the AP Poll but is 14th in the first KenPom ratings. The KenPom numbers are great because they have no bias while we all know the AP Poll does.

The Gamecocks do not appear anywhere in the AP Poll and are listed 42nd in the KenPom rankings. The Gamecocks have the 6th highest ranking in the KenPom yet were picked to finish 11th in the SEC by the media. Once again, one of those has bias and one does not.

Clemson doesn't have a great out of conference schedule. Of course with their brutal conference schedule they don't need one. Clemson opens their season against The Citadel on November 6th.

Clemson will host 18th ranked Mississippi State, Nebraska and go on the road to face South Carolina before opening up conference play on the road against Duke on January 5th.

The Gamecocks, trying to fight national perception that the SEC is a weak college basketball league, has put together a really tough out of conference schedule.

The Gamecocks will open with SC Upstate on November 6th, host Providence, travel to Wyoming and then face three straight ranked teams when they travel to Michigan (19th ranked), host Virginia (5th ranked) and then host Clemson (22nd ranked).

The Gamecocks will open their conference season on the road against an unranked Florida team.

Clemson and South Carolina will renew their rivalry on Saturday, December 22nd at Colonial Life Arena. Is their a worse time to schedule this rivalry game?

I really wish both schools would figure out a way to schedule this game when students are on campus and when there can be more of a spotlight on the game. Why not schedule it on the Saturday night of the Clemson/SC baseball series? What a fun doubleheader that would be and the basketball game takes on huge importance as teams are trying to build their resumes for a possible spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Back to the actual game this year, the KenPom ratings have Clemson six points better than the Gamecocks on a neutral floor. It should be a great game. It's just too bad it is not a great date.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The ACC Takes a Huge Step Back in 2018

The ACC had closed the gap the last few years and was arguably the best conference in the country last year, then 2018 happened and it looks more like the mid 1990s.

Both divisions in the ACC have now fallen behind both divisions in the Pac 12. You could easily make the case that the ACC is by far the worst Power 5 conference in the country.

Here is the updated Sagarin Ratings through October 13th:

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Clemson Continues to Slip in the Ratings

Clemson survived Syracuse this past Saturday but it had an effect on their Sagarin Rating. Clemson dropped to 6th in the country with a rating of  91.18. They now trail Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma and Georgia.

The Gamecocks come in at #35 but have the 4th toughest schedule in the country to date. By contrast, Clemson has the 38th toughest schedule to date.

South Carolina has a rating 78.16. which puts them 13 points behind Clemson on a neutral field.

The SEC East is rated as the fourth best division in the country with the SEC West coming in at number one.

The ACC Atlantic is #6 while the ACC Coastal is #8

Bowl Betting Strategies

The Bowl Season is almost here. A parade of meaningless football games will soon be played out in half empty stadiums. However, when it c...